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Toccara is an American, urban contemporary Gospel singer and songwriter with aspirations of a universal sound that can touch anyone's heart, regardless of the path that they choose to embark on. An expression that she applies daily is that when you have faith the size of a mustard seed, anything is possible.


A Texas native, Toccara started singing at the age of ten. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she developed a passion for music by watching her sing. It was then that her love for music grew and that’s when she began to use her gift that she too

possessed. But for quite some time she had put her music career on hold after going through the motions of occasional childhood and adolescent neglect, living in an abusive home, and not finding the right balance. It seemed to have a massive impact on where her life was headed.


"It was primarily the instability of family structure that affected me the most. I could never settle down because I was always moving for whatever reason, mostly no fault of my own. It was pretty difficult to start something with the fear of knowing I'd probably not finish it." -Toccara


Toccara was first introduced to Gospel music through her late grandmother’s CD collection of great hits from artists like Yolanda Adams, The Clark Sisters and many more. Her grandmother became her biggest influence not only to Gospel music, but to the knowledge and understanding of what it truly meant to be a Christian and accept God into your heart. Though it took some time, she later took a leap of faith and decided to allow God to lead her down the path He predestined for her and to share her gift of music in the process.


As a faithful and devoted member of her local family church, she has served as both Choir Director and Worship Leader; which is where her passion for Christ grew stronger and inspired her to sing for God. Her most heartfelt moments is when she witnesses her voice and music touching the lives of others in a memorable, amazing worship experience. Toccara's faith stimulating performances are revitalizing and demonstrate the power of God.


In 2017, Toccara had the pleasure of sharing the stage and performing live with Houston artist Shareal Starr and experienced a different genre of Christian music, reggae style. Paired with her innate sense of optimism, she has devoted her life to sharing God's message to the world through music. In her spare time, Toccara uses her voice to inspire others by volunteering at local hospitals with Houston Methodist and women shelters in the surrounding areas. She also occasionally joins Star of Hope in their mission of “Taking Hope to the Streets,” a campaign to help spread God’s word through music and show love and support to those living on the streets of Houston.


An alumna of Full Sail University, Toccara believes that her drive for further education, the learning experience, and passion for music all contributed to her growth mindset as an indie artist. She describes this avenue in her life as a challenge, but necessary in order to grow and become a better person in the industry. Toccara is currently putting that to work with her own project of her debut EP album soon to be released with the expectancy that through hard work and perseverance, she will see greater later. In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of her live inspirational music covers on YouTube. So feel free to like, comment, subscribe and follow her as she continues to embark on her journey to success in her music ministry.

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