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Don’t Be a Dream Killer, Be a Dream Pusher


Somewhere inside of everyone lies a kid at heart. They have that imaginative, exciting, and hopeful desire to achieve or be anything they want. All those special qualities are precious. But somewhere along the way as we grow older, we lose that. We lose the inner child in us. Consequently, we lose our dream. Often we fail to realize that’s where a dream actually starts; in the belief that it’s achievable. There are myriad kids in the world today that still have that dream. But sadly, there are outside forces that get in the way of manifesting that dream into a reality. For instance, lack of support whether it be financially, spiritually, or personally. In addition, although they may already have the desire to pursue it, they just don’t have the will-power they need to take any further action.


Children are born with natural musical talent. Over time, that musical ability can be developed into a lifelong, alluring relationship in music. In most cases, parents of these talented kids are already aware of the special gifts that their children possess. On the contrary, there are those that may just need an eye-opener and a startling wowed moment that can allow them to see just how extraordinary their child really is.


Granted, seasons come with change; and kids are always searching for new ways to do things or just basically try something new. They need to be able to refuel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes music can be the best thing to get kids minds off everything else that they are either dealing with, struggling from, or involved in. Frequently it’s been stated that the toughest job in life is being a mom. Research describes it as being exhausting and overwhelming; especially for kids under age 18.

Pew Research

motherhood, pew research

Often, parents are just too busy with work or other extenuating circumstances that require more of their attention. To that end, they are unable to engage or commit to making music a part of their children’s lives.


So what is the alternative you ask? If you’re reading this article, it means that you either are a parent yourself or are the caregiver of a child and you can relate. Therefore, you have already made the first step and that is simply to take charge of your child’s talent. As a mother myself, I understand how much of an impact it could have to ignite their personal power. In doing so you help break down the walls of self-doubt and prevent it from being detrimental to their success.


Isn’t it amazing when kids can discover the brilliance in themselves? Why not let them be a part of something spectacular that they will value over time? Interpreting music in their lives can help them to become team players, creative thinkers, and great listeners. Above all, there are copious reasons to be happy, and music is definitely one of them. So let me leave you with this. The support and encouragement of family and friends are vital to kids’ self-esteem. So please let’s strive to push their dreams, not kill them.


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